Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spirituality is Irrespective of Age!

Many people have this thought close to their heart that once we reach the retirement age; we will start our spiritual pursuit. Spirituality is many times misinterpreted as some work that is to be done in order to attain the mukti. Well, but most saints advice us that it is not the work to be done but an inner attitude that needs to be cultivated if you want to have a life devoid of egoistic pursuits.

Spirituality is one’s nature, many times in born or sometimes cultivated in the right direction with the advice of some eminent gurus. It is the selfless yet self-improving way of life that will take you to your destination- that is- Absolute Contentment!

Many times we find people who pursue spiritual or adhyatmik things frown about people who pursue prapanchik (day to day) chores and run behind so many different pursuits to feel the happiness. But what they fail to understand is that we all are behind achieving happiness and only those who are really interested in spirituality and Godly pursuits, can hope to understand one day that what we were after was this ultimate wisdom! Even the people who try to run in different directions are behind this ultimate aim, however they lack the proper direction. Every one of us in some or the other birth must come close to this truth that the spiritual purpose is the highest purpose and only that can lead us on the path of ultimate happiness.

And as the subject matter of this post, it is irrespective of age. Rather, earlier you being, sooner you reach your destination or at least walk towards it. Young age is the right age also as regards the heath aspect. Healthier you are, more dedicated your adhyatmik pursuits can be. Unhealthy mind and body can rarely cope up with the spiritual goals. Rather it can be said that spirituality or adhyatma is not the journey. It is the final destination we all need to reach. It is our “being”. So, if you start developing interest in such pursuits at young age, in the old age, you obviously attain to much tolerance towards your bodily woes too. Spirituality is one of the best tools to keep your body and mind under control while surrendering completely to your God! It is the best way to find the inner peace that all are after.

Even those who deny the presence of God will agree to the fact that they are searching for real happiness or real tranquility. Our saints tell us that unless we travel the path of adhyatma and spirituality, it is impossible to attain the tranquility or happiness that will never vanish!