Thursday, August 23, 2012

How About Having a Day Away from So-Called Civilization?

It’s a beautiful morning! Power off since morning and heard many cry for the same. I too have lot of work on my laptop but can’t perform as it lies “charge-less”. But still I feel good because of my strangely positive mindset! :O

Many times I feel how good it would be if we could go back to an era where we did not have all these facilities! Life was more serene and tranquility prevailed. We were concerned just about what to eat for the next meal and didn’t have to save for ourselves and our children. Things were lot simpler, more akin to nature, closer to God, and away from the stress and strain. If one felt angry, he would express it immediately and forget the next moment. No grudges, no comparisons, no manipulations and no money!

Yes, money seems to be the culprit! Money makes us do so many things all day, good or bad. So many people cannot indulge in their favorite hobbies thinking about earning and saving. In our ancient civilization, there were days when money did not exist and still man lived with exchange of things for getting the required goods! Sounds impossible, isn’t it? Should we hope for such era to return?

There were days when people used to walk miles and not complain of reaching late anywhere or missing trains and buses. Perhaps nobody was jealous of the others because nobody owned “cars”! Positive health was a bonus for them.

A day of power shut-down and we shout at our electricity boards for hampering our work. But if we just think of spending such off day the way we want, we would enjoy such shut downs too. Of course some emergency services will be hampered but they are called ‘emergency’ because we have made them so.
Why can’t we just relax and ponder upon the positive side of the life? Because, we have trained ourselves or have been trained in a manner that teaches us vague perfection in everything!

It is really time to think about our own perceptions and beliefs. It does not mean we should not go with the flow and make ourselves “Pro” but in doing so, we should try not to harden our senses and benumb our original tranquility.

Humans originally are tranquil existences that remained conscious of their inner-selves. It’s time to remind ourselves of this essence and live in maximum proximity to ourselves and nature.

What strength will STRESS then have to weaken us?