Sunday, July 22, 2012

Understanding Our Mistakes is Vital to Save Relationships!

As we all know, saving a relationship through the thick and thin of life is not easy. It may be the relationship between husband and wife, friends, parents or in laws. You have to be on your toes always if you want to develop healthy relationship. Yes true that the relationships should come natural to us, we being social animals. But it doesn't happen so. When we come across the difference of opinions, it is hard to control our ego and let go of the temporary situation that creates stress.

How to Help it?

Well if we see closely at any dispute that emerges between any two people, the most important culprit behind the dispute is to showcase the wrong doings of the person standing opposite to us. But that is the time when we miss the point that when we point the finger to someone else, three fingers are pointed towards us. We tend to mask our mistakes under the flap of righteousness, which rarely stands the point. More we start understanding own mistakes, we tend to see the opposite party with consideration that they can commit mistakes too, just like us. But the point is that we should cultivate this tendency of such comprehension at every situation that sparks trigger of disharmony between relationships.

Know that it is Temporary-

The relationships get dismantled because most of us give a kind of permanent shade to this disharmony. We often tend to think during the dispute that now this cannot be corrected and the gap will remain always. But factually this is the most absurd thinking in a relationship. The studies state that more than 90% of disputes are temporary that are the result of some buoyant attitude and impulsive reactions to a certain situation. It is also known that if a person waits for just a few hours before commenting or reacting to the other person's opinion, both of them can come up with more mutual understanding to that situation after a certain period of time.

Especially it is important to know that when we live in a society comprising of people with different levels of understanding, it is going to create different opinions that we all may not agree with. Same is true at home! Thus more balanced you are to handle the situations, more you listen carefully than reacting immediately, more you comprehend the subtlety of bonds that brought you closer, more you can safely handle your relationships!