Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Day Starts from the Morning!

Good morning! :)

That's what we all say when we greet each other in the morning. But do we all live up to it? Do we really have a good morning? Many of us grumble at the thought of getting up from slumber and feel "not-so-fresh" in the mornings. After we get up, instead of remembering God for this new days, we remember yesterday's grudges that we held against people at home and outside. That is when we ourselves are responsible for not-so-good morning!

Our learned philosophers say, we should leave the last day when we retired to bed. We should not hold any happiness or sadness bother us when we enter the next day. Yes, happiness is equally harmful at times, as if we don't get that kind of happiness today, we again feel sad. Enter the new day with a clean slate and see what it holds for you.

Being detached from our environment means the same. Of course it is not easy but if we try and have complete faith in God, we can do it with practice. We all are going through the humdrum of day to day life. We all have our shares of joy and sorrow. But we notice that some people take these things as mere passing experiences and others sit in those absurdities for time immemorial. Then we will be able to comprehend how foolish we acted when we gave undue importance to all these things in life, which shall pass!

With this attitude, let's begin a great morning and have a wonderful and fruitful day ahead! 

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