Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Important to Comprehend Efforts Behind Every Successful Person!

Watching Indian Filmfare awards on Sony. Just a thought hovered. Most of us envy these film stars who are so lucky to enjoy the stardom, exquisite fan following, enormous money, and what not! I always love watching these stars in the most suave way. Always we wonder how lucky they are but do we realize the efforts put by them to entertain us? Behind every movie that we watch, these people have put hoards of efforts and money in order to make it different and entertaining.

Well, I know many of us like the Hollywood flicks than our Indian ones, but I have always been the fan of our Indian movies too. Many of our stars inspire me to do good job in the field I am attuned to. There is no good job without the hard work. there might be many controversies in their lives. But ultimately what they do is a great work of entertaining masses. Have you ever felt uplifted after a busy or hectic day due to watching a movie you love? I do. Though I am not a movie or especially television buff, I like to watch some movies and like to engulf in the glory of these larger than life pictures at times.

They take away the dullness, lethargy, and fill me up with the zest to live life again. The latest in the series has been Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I am absolutely in love with this movie. I am sure many of you love it too.

I wish we (many of us) make good efforts in our field of expertise just like our favorite film stars and pave our way to the best possible position and propagate our field of interest further! 

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