Saturday, February 11, 2012

Respect! It tells your character!

Had a kind of mediocre day in work sphere. One of my colleagues failed to show up on time and that disturbed my schedule a lot. It was a professional online meeting and delay by almost an hour made things go frenzy for the rest of the day. People might say it is quite all right for such things to happen but for me, such recurrent delays do not work. Perhaps this determines my work ethic. If I respect other people's time and further arrangements, I expect that they should do the same.

Many things happen in professional sphere when a woman leads the league. Well certainly things are far better now than perhaps a few years earlier. But still when the women are on front, people many times think "not so well" about them. Have seen many lack the basic quality of "Respecting Women" while dealing with them professionally. Either they try to get too personal or they try to behave irresponsibly intentionally. Having a female chief is not always welcome. But today this is quite common and females lead the organization in many places.

This is not to generalize and there are many respected exceptions. But it is high time people see at gender differentiation as the thing of remote past and move ahead together in a respectful environment.

Still in a country like India, respecting women is not very common. RESPECT is the thing that tells the person's character very strongly. The way you behave with the women (in today's networking arena), you show her how well-mannered you are.

In country like India in where our former Kings used to behave well and kindly with the ardent enemy's wives too, shouldn't we expect our younger generation to seek some wisdom from them? And sadly more and more youngsters are calling this disrespectful attitude as "cool".......

In our schools, Moral Education is a kind of joke. It is just an additional subject that is never taught and just made a passing remark about.

Perhaps all these thoughts happened to occur because of the mild spat that I had today with one of the colleagues. But I think good material for a day's blog post.

Respect is Mutual!!

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