Monday, February 6, 2012

Purpose of This Blog


You must be wondering why this separate blog when already our Dr Shreya's Health and Homeopathic Blog is doing great in all spheres. But the writer inside me (just the liking to write, not some extra-ordinary skills here) was bubbling to pen down the things that seem important for me.

Moreover, apart from health I have a passion for reading and writing. So, thought that whatever I will read, I will put down some thoughts regarding it here in this blog. Must say, they will all be my personal opinions and so should be seen in that light only.

I hope that quite frequently I will be able to put at least a few words which seem righteous to me or appeal me in some manner here in my updates.

I wish readers from all walks of life should come to this page and comment on what seems to be of liking to them. I certainly hope for some healthy discussion here. Anyone who wishes to put their own thoughts can also send me their thoughts in the form of a small blog post at and if they are genuine, I will add them to this blog with due credit to them.

So, wish me good-luck for this new endeavor to discover myself! 

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