Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make Criticism Work for You!


When we work for our goal, we are often bombarded by the negative comments of people who seek delight in this job. I often like this quote "If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them". Well, not to boost our ego but to  enhance the confidence in the right work that we are up to. If you are working for some cause, you will never be failed in the long run. Nobody can deter you from your path, unless you let them do it.

Rather, in my case, I have often found that if someone tells me that I cannot do certain thing, it increases my faith in God and myself about doing it somehow. Not that I want to let that person down but "Why not" is the question that raises in mind immediately.

If we plan strategically and with focus, we can always hit the mark with our continued efforts. I always like to believe that God or fate helps those who believe in themselves and in their hard work. Since school days, I have witnessed an amazing fact about myself. If I'd work hard for a subject, I often used to score well in that subject, even if the paper was hard. If I had not studied for a particular paper (just out of laziness at times), then even if the paper was quite easy, I would score just mediocre marks. Therefore, since then it is somehow imbibed in my mind that hard work always pays. Perhaps I am not the kind of person who has got everything in life without hard work. So, why should I expect?

Life many times throws lot of difficulties in our path just to judge our unfazed attitude. Once you triumph over that insecurity, nobody and nothing can come in your way of success. Rather, we need not strive for success. It is the by-product of our labor and love for our work.

May you all achieve the things in your dreams with all the hard work and God's grace! Ameen! 

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