Friday, October 19, 2012

Serenity Personified!

Dictionary meaning of the word serenity is "the state of being calm"! And wise people say that serenity is not absence of storm but peace within it. The best part of it is that we are assured of having this blissful feeling amid humdrum of day to day life. For me the tool is adhyatma or spirituality. It is not just the pursuit of spiritual path but the finer nuances that cleanse our soul along the way. "Presence of God in everything" gives us this serenity. Feeling of "Lack of Bodily Attitude" defines it and despite all this, keeps you focused in your day to day activity.

Patanjali has given us the ways of pursuing yoga. Truthfulness, not desiring others' money, apt diet and related habits, exercise that takes us closer to our "true self", and dhyana are some of the pre-requisites of staying on this path. Initially I often used to find myself querying whether this is possible in today's world. But along the way due to blessings of my Guru, I started realizing the real-necessity of doing it honestly. Rather we tend to find along the way that this is the only pursuit that gives you immense satisfaction (or perhaps I don't know the word but it gives us something beyond the worldly matters, which is the purest form of joy).

Everything "good" for which we say, it's not possible in today's world, we should think hundred times- who created this so called "today's world"? Without acknowledging the almighty's gifts showered upon us, we only started taking things for granted- like- complete truthfulness is not possible in today's world! Why it's not? If you believe in goodness, if you follow righteousness, then a few people's ignorance about it shouldn't influence you adversely, isn't it?

The final-most outcome we desire from this life is HAPPINESS. All our works are the tools to achieve this. And it's high time we realize that without this "serenity in storm" attitude, we cannot achieve it, leave aside enjoying it. 

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