Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sant Tukaram

Had decided it last work-week that I will watch Sant Tukaram, the Prabhat Film this Sunday and thankfully I could do so. Long back I had watched it and still remembered a few shots. However, with the new-found path, wanted to watch it again in that glory.

Must say it was the fabulous-most experience! The kind of devotion Sant Tukaram preaches is that of pure bhakti, which many of the successors have preached but he seems to be one of the first few, who started it in its real glory. No doubt Prabhat movie is a must watch. Vishnupant Pagnis is truly the Tukaram-personified! Always I had this face as the face of Tukaram since childhood and watching him chant the name of Pandurang was as if in trance. He takes you through this journey along with him and literally at one point, you can feel the unification!!!! And that's the highlight of the movie or I should say of the tattwa that Sant Tukaram preached all his life!

Loved the scene in which Sant Tukaram clarifies why Bhakti is the easiest and purest way to reach God.

नामसंकीर्तन, साधन पै सोपे
जळतील पापे जन्मांतरीची
न लागे सायास, जावे वनांतरा
सुखे येतो घरा, नारायण

Ahaaaaa .............

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